Monday, September 7, 2015


this is my p.e I think this my best Because I wanted to share this cause thats what I wanted to show what we do for p.e.


What have you been learning for PE?
Hockey / (Delete two you’re not in this time)

What skills has this involved? (List as many as you can think of)

List any special talents you have for this sport keep your Hockey

What have you enjoyed about these PE sessions? getting  to hit the ball to your buddy

What have you found challenging? if you have small hockey sticks you get sore backs when you hit it a lot

What I would like to improve: go a bit faster hitting the ball

Take a photo of you showing a skill. Label it as clearly as you can with what the parts of your body are doing.  IMG_0930.JPG

Sunday, September 6, 2015

maths task

this is my maths task we have been learning about graphs for a while /This my maths.IMG_1214.JPGIt is a graph.

this the other part IMG_1213.JPGof the other maths task.up there.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Lorde poem

This is my Lorde poem I did this because I Am proud of it I think it is my best what I have done. in Literacy I think you guys will like it too.

My writing goal is to use punctuation.   

Pale white skin,curly natural hair, thick eyebrows.
Cares about other people.  
Who hopes to be a good singer,
Who feels nervous when they on stage.
Who is the youngest New Zealand international artist,
Who writes songs for herself.
Who still gets in trouble when she is out too late,
Who loves fictional stories,
Lorde is a famous young New Zealand singer.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Matariki Art - Week 11

This is my art I done on Matariki .I have been learning about Matariki for the last couple of 2 weeks. I have been really excited to learn more about Matariki. On Friday I did Rakau and Poi for Matariki day Rimu Hub had 8 workshops.I know that Matariki is about celebrating the Maori New Year. The stars are the Seven Sister's of Matariki.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Baskball week 8

I am blogging this because what I do for P.E
I was learning this at P.E
Basketball Reflection

Write down five things to think about when you bounce a basketball.
  1. feet apart
     2.   keep hand with the ball
     3.   run with the ball
     4.   curved hand

What are the main four parts of basketball?
  1. Passing
  2. defence
  3. shooting
  4. dribble

How can you protect the ball from a defender?
move move with the ball

What was challenging for you?
trying to get the ball

What was your favourite part?
bouncing the ball

What would you have liked to have learned more of?

What is something you learned?
don’t have your hand flat you have to have it curved  

Insert a photo of yourself practising a skill


Math - Week 7

I am blogging this because...i am showing what i have done for maths.
I was learning what area is. It is a place like if you touch a wall out side that is what a area is.

Displaying IMG_1086.JPG

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

getting a puppy

Today i am getting my puppy and it is a boy it is like its mum its mum is a sheep dog and its dad is a lab.  My dad said i want a female puppy because it want pee all over the place.   I want a boy puppy so i can run it and it will  be faster then a female puppy. Well a females are fast but males are more.  Am going to let my sister name the puppy but if she does int want to name it i am going to name it i want to name it A.J or max  but there is one want i like its blacky. 

week 3 : Fishing competition

THIS YEAR I DID THE FISHING COMPETITION  and we stayed on the boat over the night on the boat then at 5 in the morning it turned out like every one was grumPy then my uncle made me a burnt pancakes  

The beach House

In the weekend I am going to the beach house to stay the night and might come home Monday. Or come home on Sunday.
I want to come home on Monday because I don't have get up early in the morning. I am excited about going to the beach house.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I wish my teacher knew

Thinking task

Read the sentence below. Think deeply about your answer.
Make sure your answer is something that your teacher does not already know!
Add it to the tracking sheet when you are finished.

There are some examples below.

I am blogging this because I want people to know what i have done

I wish my teacher knew…. i went to  american  and got a hole lot of clothes and i got bracelet what i got made and it said my name on it and it was so fun.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Week 2: Hanging with Freiends

Hanging with Bella Bing silly
Hanging with Jenny_lee and Bella
 took it on her this time

 dont even no she took It

silly photos

week 1: Helping Hands

I made a helping hand and I used warm and cold colours. I used red and  orange and dark blue for the warm colours and the cold colours I used were light blue purple and green then blue.