Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Complex sentence

I really want to share this with you because I love sharing with you guys.

Complex sentences are important for me to use so that I can get to the next level in my writing. I went to a workshop to help me get it done.

Workshop Prove It

I learnt...complex  sentence

Here is an example: Even though it was raining, we still had to swim in the outside icy pool.  

Maths task

Math Task week 1
This is my math task and it took a day for me to do it. It was hard but then it got easy then hard. It was a really fun math task. I really like doing this learning task.

I was learning how to estimate and then measure accurately. It is an important skill.

This is my math task. I really want to share it with you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

reading task

This is my reading task. I want to show you guys because I really like what I have done.

Three little pigs

My partner is Monica
And we are doing three little pigs
I am going to be brick house and the straw house
She is going to be stick house and the wolf and we might change it to a cat so there will be twist to it.

Stick house: we are going to use the little sticks or iceblock sticks
We are using popsicle sticks for the straw house
Shapes for the brick house    

How we are making the puppets
We are using eyes that stick
Glue to stick nose down
We will need black paper for the nose
Instead of the wolf, it is going to be a cat.
We are going to us white paper for the whiskers
Light pink paper for the nose.

Come back next time to find out how it went.