Monday, September 7, 2015


this is my p.e I think this my best Because I wanted to share this cause thats what I wanted to show what we do for p.e.


What have you been learning for PE?
Hockey / (Delete two you’re not in this time)

What skills has this involved? (List as many as you can think of)

List any special talents you have for this sport keep your Hockey

What have you enjoyed about these PE sessions? getting  to hit the ball to your buddy

What have you found challenging? if you have small hockey sticks you get sore backs when you hit it a lot

What I would like to improve: go a bit faster hitting the ball

Take a photo of you showing a skill. Label it as clearly as you can with what the parts of your body are doing.  IMG_0930.JPG

Sunday, September 6, 2015

maths task

this is my maths task we have been learning about graphs for a while /This my maths.IMG_1214.JPGIt is a graph.

this the other part IMG_1213.JPGof the other maths task.up there.