Thursday, March 17, 2016


Last week we went to camp but first I did not stay the night because  I did not feel like going to stay but I came out for the days. The first day on Wednesday was so fun  because we had to go to the park but we had activities.  They were fun. Then we got to go out to the camp then I went home. Then on Thursday,  we went out to camp and we went out to Weka. Then we did a rotation and then it was time for the fun part. It was the river walk because we got to go on a tube. Me, Mitch and Cameron, we hopped on it and when we got  to a log and we went over, it popped!  Then we got up to a deep deep part, we did not know it was coming and we got soaked. It was a 4km walk but it did not feel like a 4k walk. It was really fun.

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