Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Swimming sports

Yesterday  I had swimming sports and I felt really scared. When it was year 5 girls we got put in lines and I was in line 2 and when it was line 2 up. I was getting ready to look down and dive into the pool, when Miss Hill said "On your marks." When she blew her whistle we dived right in and did freestyle all the way to the end.  I thought that I would come last but I got faster and faster. When I got up I looked around and I saw every one coming up to finish.  I came first place. I looked at my self and said in my head "Wow I am so proud of me!"  Then it was time for backstroke. I  jumped in and came first place again! Then it was freestyle finals. I came 2 or third. Then it was time for breaststroke and I came 2 in that! Then it was time for Backstroke finals and I came 2nd. I made it in to inter schools swimming sports. It is at Raureka school pool. Their pool is so deep like no one can not touch the bottom. Only if you swim down and touch it. I am so happy and proud for my self. 

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