Thursday, March 31, 2016

iProud 1

This is my iProud I want to post this because I want to and I want to show you guys.

My Best Learning

This is my Flag task

I am proud of this because It is my best work out of all nearly

My biggest challenge was Topic specific vocabulary

Flag Task

New Zealand is in the middle of deciding if we need a new flag or not.

Read this story and decide which flag you think represents our country the best.

Write a justified opinion explaining your view.

Success Criteria
  • States which flag you like the most
  • Gives at least 3 reasons to explain your thought
  • Best possible spelling and punctuation
  • Topic specific vocabulary

The old New Zealand is not looking like UnIon Jack Flag.

The new flag looks better than the old flag and everyone should vote for the new flag because it supports all of New Zealand  because it is nice looking.

It is better looking, it stands out and it supports New Zealand.  


  1. Well done Tyla keep up the great work

  2. amazing iPROUD you're flag task looks so cool you should have ben able to vote!